Download & Install Shareit For Mac 2019 (Latest Version)

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ShareIT for Mac is an application which is available for free of cost which allows you to share your content with the other devices in an electrifying speed. You can share photos, documents, folders, apps, music, video and lots more. You can share gigabyte files of mac to another mac device within minutes; you can transfer the files without any connections, cables, USB drives, pen drives or any external connections without paying anything. Do you want to send and receive files from your Mac device to another mac device? Do you want to transfer files to even other devices? You can send any file to any device because sharing is easy now with shareit in a mac device.

Any device can be connected with your mac device when in range; even wireless devices can be connected. Once you pair your device with another device you can easily share everything and anything you want. You can share huge files and video within seconds, shareit is the only file sharing app which has this amazing ultra-speed feature, it is two hundred times faster than the other sharing apps such as Bluetooth. Shareit for you mac device is very safe and authentic to share all your files.

Shareit is a very reliable application which has inbuilt file protection software. The files which are transferred through shareit are only accessible by the possessor of the files and the device for which he shares it, no other devices can obtain your files. Shareit for Mac provides high privacy for the users and shareit is the only app which does not save your files in the cloud storage, the files which are received and sent is saved directly in the respective devices. You can share files from a mac device to windows, to a pc, to a laptop, to android mobiles, this is possible because shareit is a cross-platform to share and transfer files. Let’s see some of the phenomenal features of shareit for the mac device.

Download shareit for MacOS (Latest version)

ShareIT For Mac
ShareIT For Mac

Features of ShareIT

  • The excellent backup

Shareit app helps you to free up some storage space, you can back up your photos on your Mac device to shareit app. it is very frustrating to delete files from your device to free up storage space. But now, with the shareit app, you do not have to delete anything but your media will be available and but no space will be consumed.

  • The remote view function

It is a great feature where you can search any files from your mc device to share it with another device through shareit. It is a tool which helps you to search the files fast and quick. After searching the file click on it, add it to share its database and send to other devices.

  • PowerPoint controller

When using shareit on your mac, you can control all your PowerPoint slides without using mouse or any other click device you can even use a projector to control your powerpoint slides when using shareit app. if you are working or if you have any assignment in school you can walk only with your Mac device to show your PowerPoint slides.

  • Store it

When going out with friends and family you may take photos and videos on your phone, you can store all your memories on your Mac device, it is very easy to share files through your phone to a mac device.

  • Send files from mac to mac

It is very easy with the shareit app to share files with cross platforms and other devices, so it is even easier and simpler to share files to a mac to mac device through shareit.

How to download shareit on Mac operating system?

  • There are links available on the internet to download shareit on mac, click that link file to download.
  • The downloaded file will be available on your mac device search it.
  • Now click on that downloaded file of shareit, and the installation process will start.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions to launch the shareit app.
  • Now the shareit app will be visible on your desktop.

How to send files from mac through shareit?

  • Open the preinstalled shareit app.
  • Search the QR code option.
  • Now scan the QR code on your phone.
  • With camera scan the code.
  • Now the device will be paired.
  • You can send and receive files from the paired device.

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