ShareIT For Android: Download & Install ShareIT APK (Latest Build)

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Sharing and transferring of files was never this easy, but kudos to shareit the most stylish cross-platform sharing tool. Many use shareit application worldwide, millions of people around the world download this app. shareit is one of the most popular sharing apps, it is also a top-rated application. Have you ever thought that if you do not use the shareit app for file sharing what would you? Earlier, it was very difficult to transfer and share files because there was no proper platform to share unlimited files, many file sharing applications have many restrictions only fewer amount of files is allowed to share.

There is no other app such as shareit which allows its users to share and transfer unlimited shares. You can share bulk shares without any restriction through the shareit app. it may take so much time on other transfer files. But with ultra-speed, you can send any file with the help of shareit. There are lots of great, superlative features in shareit app which will make your file sending process an easy file one. Also check out, Shareit for MacOS.

download & install SHAREit For Android 2019 (latest version)

This application is very accessible by many users. For Android users, a shareit application is available on play store. You can even download the apk file shareit from the internet.

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Features Of ShareIT

  • You can share any kind of files through the shareit app, from other share apps it’s easy to send media files such as videos, audios and images. But through the shareit application, you can even share any other apps and games. The main feature of the shareit application is it does not use cloud storage to receive and transfer files.
  • The interface of the shareit application is very amusing, it is very boring to share and transfer files through other file sharing apps such as Bluetooth. But the shareit application is a revolutionary app which has taught people that sharing can be done very impressively. The users can select a username in the shareit app; there are even cute emojis available which the users can choose for themselves. The overall user interface of the shareit app is very easy to use anyone can effortlessly share any file through this app. the experience gained by users from this app I very impressed.
  • The ultra-speed transferring of file is another preeminent features of the shareit app. other app such as Bluetooth is very slow and it takes a lot of time to even send the small files. But within just few second you can share bulk files through shareit app.
  • It is absolutely free to transfer files and to receive files through the shareit app. you can even get the shareit app for free of cost form play store or apk file through links.
  • One of the excellent features of the shareit app is you can download it on any version of the Android device it is compatible and supportive on various other platforms.
  • To access the shareit app you should need an android device, a good internet connection and without any difficulty you can share anything through this app.

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How to transfer files without internet?

It is not always possible to transfer files through internet but in shareit you can transfer and share files without the usage of internet. You can share files on shareit with an already connected device without connecting your android phone to any wireless connection. this is possible due to the Wi-Fi direct technology. Recommended posts, ShareIT For Blackberry phones.

How to transfer files from android device to ios?

  • To share files from one device another both the devices should have the shareit application. you can download the shareit app from the internet or play store.
  • On the android shareit app click the send button.
  • You can any file which you want to share it with the other device.
  • For android to android device after clicking on the send button the file will automatically get shared with the other user, but it is not same for sharing the file with other platforms, so to share a file from an android to ios device you have to pull up the menu tab where you should choose the device of the receiver. On the mobile hotspot of the android device will start.
  • Now go to the setting of the ios device and the Wi-Fi should be on from the option choose the network select the hosted device.
  • When the ios device is connected with the Wi-Fi then you can click the receive button to receive the files from the Android device.
  • On the Android device the profile of the ios device should be visible, and then you can send the files to the ios device.

How to download shareit app?

  • It is very easy and simple to download the shareit app from the play store.
  • But if you want the latest version of it download the apk file of share through various links available on internet.
  • you enable downloads from unknown sources in the security settings, to download the apk file.
  • Then you can download and install the app on your Android device.

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